Funeral Planning

Did You Know The Average Cost Of Funerals Is Rising Around 6% Every Year? Make A Sound Investment And Freeze The Cost Of Your Funeral At Today's Price.

Read Our Five Reasons Why You Should Set Up A Funeral Plan

  1. Make your wishes known. A FREE funeral wishes plan is completed with every Funeral Care Plan purchased. At a stressful and emotional time, this can lead to friction within the family e.g. religious or non-religious service, buried or cremated, where you will be buried or scattered etc.
  1. A funeral plan is a great investment. especially with the average cost of a funeral rising at a Staggering rate.
  1. Takes away the worry. Many people worry about leaving a debt for their family.
  1. 1 in 3 Women and 1 in 4 men will need residential care during their lifetimes. Anyone fully funding their own residential care needs to take out a funeral plan
  1. It’s all taken care of. Most people get real peace of mind knowing that everything is in place and they have not left a mess behind them

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